How to install Epson LP-S310

Almost a week I was struggling to install Epson LP-S310 on my computer. I tried to install through “add printer” service, but the port couldn’t find it. There is a printer Epson LP-S310 in my lab, the printer Epson LP-S310 is connected by LAN or printer server. The main challenge is how to find the port.

Finally, I made it and found the way to install it. Because this printer is coming from Japan and is used widely locally, so the manual and the website is in Japanese. So, you have to translate the web to make decision of your choices.

These are the steps how to install Epson LP-S310
1. Download the printer driver and epsonnet config.
2. Install all downloaded files
3. Open EpsonNet config. There, you can find port IP Address (try “refresh” if could’nt find the printer)

4. Go to “devices and printers” -> Click Start and type “devices and printers”
5. Go to “add printer”

6. Choose “the printer that I want isn’t listed”, click it

7. Choose “add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname”

8. Fill in with the IP address that found from EpsonNet, then click “next”

9. Choose the printer, Epson -> LP-S310, then “next”

10. The following windows click “next”
11. Type the printer name
12. Just choose “next” if you do not want to share the printer
13. Finish, you can try the printer by clicking Print Paper Test

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